Providing a caring environment for homeless families


About Us: 

"A dream to open a shelter for women with children was born in 2003.
For several years I had watched homeless children stuck in front of TV, often missing school, often without anything else to do. It bothered me a lot; a former teacher and a mother of two had a dream to do something about it.
The idea came to open a shelter that would be more like a home; temporary but cozy, with a caring, loving atmosphere that would help mothers and children to feel more hopeful in their stressful situation. 
At the end of 2006 I purchased an old rooming house, took a secondary mortgage on my own house and completely renovated the place. The beginning was tough; 
even though the building was ready in 2008, we had to wait for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status as well as for new licenses.
It took us over 18 months to open the doors to needy families and those were financially very challenging times. If it wasn't for our relatives and friends' support and help, we wouldn't be able to survive. Eventually we opened up in February 2010 and  we've been serving the homeless families ever since ."
Lilianna Giedrys

Board of Trustees:

 Lilianna A.Giedrys - Founder and President

Italia Commisso-Weinand (Honorary)

George Apelis

Jennifer Mastrangelo

Christine O'Keefe

Lucy Orzechowski

Maureen O'Brien

Administrative Staff:

Lilianna A.Giedrys - Executive Director

Peter Urbanek - Activities Coordinator


Jennifer and Marc Mastrangelo and Youth Group from Jacksonville Chapel

Lisa Smith, Melissa Ginsburg and Kinnelon Girl Scouts 

Christine "Cheffie" O'Keefe

Evelyn Post

Lucy Orzechowski

Evan Gallipoli

Ladies' Guild at OLM

Jacksonville Chapel Youth Ministry

Jacksonville Chapel Women Ministry

Jacksonville Chapel Young Adults Ministry

International Mothers' Club

Sharon Chamberlain

Mike Kuder, Nate Dorka and Emergence Ministries

Powerhouse Church in Clifton

Maureen O'Brien

Calvary Temple in Wayne

Montclair State University - Music Department

Montclair High School students

We thank you very much for your time and effort.